Undermining Patient Values: The ASCO Value in Cancer Care Task Force Framework




As stated in a recent article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, ASCO established a Value in Cancer Care Task Force, with the goal of “developing a framework for comparing the relative clinical benefit, toxicity, and cost of treatment in the medical oncology setting. “  In developing this framework or tool, the Task Force runs roughshod over basic facts to create a metric that – while established to promote patient centered care – strives mightily to achieve the exact opposite outcome.



IMS Health Finds Global Cancer Drug Spending Crossed $100 Billion Threshold in 2014


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“ASCO acknowledges that this method of calculating the NHB does not permit assessment of the relative value of regimens that were not directly compared in clinical trials and that the observed improvement in NHB for a new regimen might be influenced by whether the comparator was best supportive care or active treatment. Nevertheless, ASCO believes this method to be one that is well grounded in the available medical evidence and provides the most objective assessment of NHB.â€

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