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Discussion on Strengthening Financial Supervision of Pharmaceutical Industry under the Background of New Medical Reform

Chunjiang Yang, Xiuli Tan, Yujiang Yang, Anqel Chen


Abstract: with the continuous development of the economy and the improvement of the medical technological level, China's pharmaceutical industry is also undergoing sustainable development while the market competition among pharmaceutical companies is being intensified. Leading the operation of pharmaceutical companies and promoting the progress of the pharmaceutical industry, financial regulation is the most important part of many management projects. Hence, strengthening the financial supervision of pharmaceutical companies has become the key to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. However, the financial supervision of domestic pharmaceutical companies under the new medical reform shows many problems, such as poor concept of financial supervision, weak basic supervision, weak budget management and control as well as poor cost control capacity, which make the financial supervision of pharmaceutical enterprises can not proceed smoothly. Therefore, corresponding countermeasures need to be developed. By analyzing the changes of the living environment of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises and the development of financial supervision under the new medical reform, this paper discusses the existing problems in the financial supervision of pharmaceutical enterprises, and puts forward corresponding measures to promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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