International trade legal issues induced by biotechnology and the countermeasures


  • Haiying Zheng
  • Yong Ma



Genetically modified products have gradually entered people’s life because of the rapid development of biotechnology. With the perfection and progress of relevant technologies, genetically modified products are successfully commercialized and flourish in the international market for its special advantages. But the safety of genetically modified products has not been confirmed; hence disputes of international trade emerge. To ensure the health development of international trade of genetically modified products, different countries and regions set up different degrees of legislative limitation. Through discussing the legal system of international trade of genetically modified products, this study introduced the status and characteristics of international trade of genetically modified products, analyzed the legal causes for trade disputes, and proposed corresponding countermeasures and suggestions for perfecting system. Developing countries should positively coordinate to perfect transgenosis related system, participate in the formulation of new trade rules, promote the construction of international trade laws to seek welfare, and drive the orderly development of genetically modified products.