The polyvalent scientist: the added value of management training


  • Maria Theodosiou
  • Arsia Amir-Aslani Grenoble Ecole de Management



PhD, professional master's, dual skills


The PhD is becoming more and more prevalent as a degree. However, PhD students are not adequately prepared for careers outside academia and most of them have trouble translating their skills to the job market. The biotech sector is a science-driven industry that is now mature and flourishing and requires business leaders that are technically trained. But technical skills are only a partial requirement, with in-depth industry education and knowledge being equally important. There is an inherent advantage to pursuing a PhD alongside education in management in the form of an advanced/professional master’s degree. This will allow PhDs to explore alternative careers outside academia.



Author Biographies

Maria Theodosiou

Junior Lecturer in the Department of Management of Technology & Strategy at the Grenoble Ecole de Management

Arsia Amir-Aslani, Grenoble Ecole de Management

Department of Management of Technology & Strategy

Program Director


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